Valle de las Cuevas and Fuerte de San Rafael (Mendoza, Argentina), two elusive type localities of rodents revisited

Supplementary Material

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    Fig. S1. Image of page 277 of the accession log from the British Museum of Natural History, London. The page is dated 1860; the first two specimens shown correspond to Ctenomys pontifex. The 14th and 15th specimens correspond to Paynomys macronyx and Abrothrix hirta.

    Fig. S2. Original labels associated to the skin and skull of the holotype of Ctenomys pontifex BM, respectively; original labels associated to the skin and skull of Ctenomys pontifex BM, respectively.

    Fig. S3. Examples of some of the examined labels handwritten by Thomas Bridges, associated to plant specimens.

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