Nuevas localidades argentinas para algunos roedores sigmodontinos (Rodentia: Cricetidae)

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New localities for sigmodontine rodents (Rodentia-Cricetidae) in Argentina. New localities for 24 species of sigmodontine rodents in Argentina are reported based on records obtained by direct trapping and/or the analyses of owl pellets. This report includes the first Argentinean record for Akodon boliviensis and Necromys amoenus. Additionally, we extend the known distribution for Akodon budini, A. sylvanus, A. toba, Necromys cf. N. lasiurus, Calomys musculinus, Loxodontomys micropus, Phyllotis osilae, P. xanthopygus, and Phyllotis wolffsohni. Finally, additional localities for Abrothrix illuteus, A. longipilis, Chelemys macronyx, Notiomys edwardsii, Necromys lactens, Bibimys chacoensis, Holochilus chacarius, Oecomys sp., Oryzomys angouya, O. legatus, Reithrodon auritus, Rhipidomys austrinus, and Euneomys mordax are reported. The results suggest that much work remains yet to be done in order to have an adequate picture of the diversity and distribution of Argentinean sigmodontine rodents.